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Marbella agrees to allow 50-story skyscraper

Marbella City Council approved Friday the timely amendment of the General Plan elements to enter the building type ” unique building height for residential use ” , with fourteen votes for the PP , which will allow construction to lift up to fifty plants.

The Town Planning , Pablo Moro, said in his presentation at the special plenary, that for these architectural elements are revitalizing the area , 10 percent of the floor area to be compulsorily allocated to ” economic activities” .

The mayor said that this new classification, which is characterized by having a “significant height of the building ” and have a design that meets criteria of architectural quality and energy efficiency .

As to the particular conditions of the type of high-rise buildings , has indicated that it anticipates a minimum building height in number of plants ” ground floor and 20 ” and the maximum height of crown is limited to the dimension of ” more 150 meters above sea level . ”

On locations where they can be carried out these projects , he noted having a dimension of land between 0 and 50 meters above sea level , so in locations where the natural elevation of the land is already 50 meters above sea level , the maximum height of crowning ” is limited to 100 meters.”

On the other hand , stressed that the implementation of these constructions imply the sale of public use of an area of ​​the “no less than 40 percent ” plot .

He noted that the minimum parcel will be defined between 10,500 and 32,000 square meters, and for each of the unique elements “A detailed study will be approved .”

Moro has defended the introduction of this type , which will be enabled in five fields of city planning , three “global residential use ” and in two areas of mixed global use , and said that ” do not generate distortion in the landscape ” buildable or not the uses will increase.

He noted that of the 27 miles of coastline that is Marbella in Realejo could implement two projects , the largest with 28 plants, in the area of ​​La Gitana with between 9 and 12 miles , only one project with a maximum 30 plants , in Guadaiza , with 2 or 3 miles , two projects , maximum 36 stories , and in the Green River, with about 4 kilometers.

Meanwhile , the non- attached councilor , Enrique Piñero , lamented that the modification is allowing ” Marbella is a new Benidorm ” and opens the door to ” a wave of construction ” in the few spaces left , and bring ” new urban disorders.”

As the councilor for IU, Enrique Monterroso , stressed that the brand Marbella is linked to the type of ” low rise Mediterranean village ” residential and low density developments , so this type breaks the traditional model of urban development the municipality.

The councilor for the PSOE , Isabel Perez, regretted that in modifying other aesthetic conditions for the building , the design must meet criteria to harmonize with the environment are not regulated , which has been called a “subjective “

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